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Events and Activities

Thirwood Place offers a constantly-changing variety of social and physical activities, from concerts in our auditorium, to fitness programs, to nature walks, shopping trips, games and movies. Pursue your own interests or be inspired to try something new!

This Month's Current Calendar of Events

• Stories with Barbara Anthony
• Norman Campbell
• Tom Telesmanick
• Patty Carver "Leading Ladies"
• Sound Dunes

• Lunch and trip to Goodwill/Salvation Army
• Whole Foods
• Trader Joe's
• Trip to Provincetown

• Kids trick-or-treating at Thirwood
• Barn babies: live farm animals
• Car wash
• New resident social
• Bea Smith Sale
• "Let's Talk" with CapeAbilities
• Exercise with Elaine
• Yoga
• Tai chi
• Computer class
• Tea time
• Men's sports talk
• Game night


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